Portrush, Northern Ireland 

It’s raining! Who cares! We’re at a beach town in Northern Ireland!

This morning I had muesli with Cris Williamson. Well, to be more specific, I stood next to her at the buffet when I got muesli. I said to her, “I can’t believe I am having muesli with Cris Williamson.”

She said, “YOU are having muesli. I’m not.”

“I am having muesli near Cris Williamson. I’m set for life.”

“You’re sweet,” she said.

Now we are best friends.

Portrush is a pretty town:

Pretty beach:

Oh: when we set sail the first day, it was raining and just as the yacht started sailing, the rain stopped and there was an enormous rainbow! What better way to begin a lesbian cruise? 

Food is interesting and delish, mostly. Here was last night’s amuse-bouche:

Watermelon square with feta, cracked pepper and flower petals. Our bouches were amoozed.


Back on the ship and we have wifi because we are close to land. Yay! 

I have started a scarf for Ricky using yarn from each place we visit. The first bit was from Dublin. The second was from the Isle of Man. At Cregneash they have unusual 4-horned sheep and the yarn is in the natural undyed state and is spun right there.

There is virtually no yarn spun in Northern Ireland. In a little souvenir shop I found yarn from Turkey. Not for this scarf, thank you. Online I saw there was a shop in Londonderry, which was like half a centimeter away, but that translated into an hour each way. 

We went to Andy Brown’s Taxi and the dispatcher spent about 20 minutes calling different shops, calling his mother in-law to find of where she gets HER yarn. He was amazing. He found a shop much closer in a town called Portstewart. Our Glaswegian driver was a sweetheart who waited for us and drove us back to the port. I am now a Glasgow Rangers fan, since he is. They are the protestant team, so he gets on well in Northern Ireland.  I am talking about soccer here, if you were wondering.

Here is the scarf so far:


3 thoughts on “Portrush, Northern Ireland 

  1. For some reason, the photo of Ricky’s scarf didn’t open on my computer. Love the story of your yarn quest! Now we’re never going to hear the end of the Glasgow Rangers! ! ! haha


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