Full Irish

A hearty beginning to our first day in Dublin. 

Carol and Pat sat with us and advised us on how to plan our day. When I asked Carol if she knits (as I wanted a yarn shop recommendation) she said, ” I have knit. But I stopped finishing things and developed a name for myself.” 

We’re off for our bus tour and then whatever catches our fancy.

Later that day…

Julia, waiting for the city bus. (You didn’t know this would be so exciting, did you?)

Julia in the front seat of the double-decker bus.

A cool sign. Dublin’s gay pride march is coming up. Rainbow flags abound.

This sign in every crosswalk kept me alive.

These two lovely women served us scones with cream and jam at The Cathedral Cafe, which is down the street from St. Patrick’s Cathedral. 

This is the “Scone Deal” we had. The tea was so restorative, as only tea can be after a lot of walking.

We were watched over by a pope and several Marys and Jesuses.

The bus tour was a lot of fun and quite informative. We sat outside on the top and got unexpectedly sunburnt. Sunburnt on a mostly cloudy Irish day? Rookie mistake.

Sat in the park by St. Patrick’s and watched pigeons and toddlers. Not nearly as many gingers here as I was expecting, but maybe all the Irish people are on vacation and I have been watching foreign tourists.

We went to a yarn shop called The Constant Knitter and I got a small fix. The shop owner has a sister living in Brooklyn. Everyone we meet seems to have a sibling in Brooklyn.

We were the only visitors in the Irish Writers’ Museum. (There were approximately a gajillion people outside the Guiness Brewery Tour when our bus passed it, by way of comparison.) I think my favorite thing in it was James Joyce’s piano.

We had dinner at a pub called The Celt that had been recommended by our cab driver last night. She may have been foul-mouthed and run red lights (they call that “breaking red lights” and she assured us “it’s okay around here”) but she knows her pubs. The food was amazing and there was live music that brought Julia to tears with its beauty. The beers might have helped.

Delicious seafood chowder with brown bread and butter.

Tomorrow we sail!


8 thoughts on “Full Irish

  1. Whew!! Finally figured out how to subscribe and follow. Now I have to catch up on all the posts that I missed for the past two days. Just took a quick peek at what’s there, and it looks like you two are having a splendid time. So happy for you.
    Will read the rest of it when I come back upstairs. Nellie and I are heading down now for a nice morning walk around Forest Hills. She’s getting to know the area and all the neighborhood pooches. ..


  2. I would love to taste some of that chowder! Did you play James Joyce’s piano? Nahhh – probably not. But amazing!
    Still not sure how to use this Thistle thing. Seems as if I’m missing some of it. All will become clear when you return and show me how to use it. 🙂


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