In Dublin’s Fair City

We cannot believe how easy it all was! This is Julia, already at home only moments after our arrival!

Our flight attendant was named Wendy and that seemed like a good omen.

Signs are in Gaelic and English.

Our cabdriver from the airport was a lady whose every second word was “feckin’.”  Apparently all the other drivers on the road tonight were “feckin’ eejits” and she had quite a time getting us to our B & B. She told us we are staying in the posh part of town.

Carol and Pat, our hosts, could not have been lovelier. Full Irish breakfast is between 8 and 9. We are so excited to be here, though, that we can’t stop grinning. Who needs sleep?


4 thoughts on “In Dublin’s Fair City

  1. Monday, July 4th at 2:00 pm Finally figured out how to open this part of the blog, posted on Saturday, July 2nd!! . Great photos! Hope that I can figure out how to open the rest. . .. Soooo glad you’re doing this and that it’s as good as you’d hoped!


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